Sunday, September 30, 2012

Eating out

My husband it not a very healthy guy. He ALWAYS eats out and I don't join him all the time but I will eat out with him about 2-3 times a month.  I hate it but I love spending time with him so I go.
Have you ever figured out how many calories are actually in one dish?
We went to Outback Steakhouse and there was a little leaf symbol at the bottom of the menu that said all meals with this symbol are under 600 calories.  WHAT? So all the meals that didn't have the leaf next to it were 600+ calories? which mean they probably averaged around 900-1200 calories.  I couldn't believe it so I ordered the house salad and chicken tortilla soup and water and it was very filling :)

Another fyi, when we would eat at Chili's I would get the quesadilla explosion salad. Well the other day I just saw online that the explosion salad is 900-1300 calories depending on if you eat all the quessadillas.
 Can you believe that? I about fell off my chair!   So the other day we go to Chilis and now that I have that info the most healthy thing I could find on the menu was the chips and salsa with guacamole. MMMM, they put cilantro in there avacado dip and avacados are healthy, same with salsa, the chips not so much but I had to compromise.

I do have to say that I snuck and got on the scale on Friday morning and this is what it read:
down another .6lbs!  however I don't think I will see that # for a while. I went out to eat with my husband and Red Lobster friday night and I got the Shrimp nachos and now the scale has gone up :( I don't know how I'm going to lose this weight!!!  Its impossible with a husband that wants to eat everything and ANYTHING. Because the next day he ordered pizza and hot wings for dinner. (i should have taken a picture) it smelled so good but I didn't have any.  And if your going to say "why don't you cook for him" I do cook. I cook almost every night however he will not touch the stuff I cook.
So my next weigh in will be this wednesday. I have 3 days to get that scale to read 148.4 or lower.

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  1. Keep trying, is all I have to say. Work out more, and it will happen.


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