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10lb Challenge

You may think this is a sewing or crochet challenge however I am changing it up a bit!
Running is what I have been doing lately.   I have taken time out of sewing to enjoy the weather while trying to lose a couple more pounds. The weather has been perfect so I feel like I need to be outside!
Wanted to share some pix of the trail I've been on:
Beautiful Right?
This is the beginning of my 28 day Running Streak!

A new subject on my blog will be Wednesday weigh in. I want to lose at least 5 pounds going into the holiday season. 5lbs may not seem like a lot but it is still hard!! The last 10 pounds is always hard. This is no doubt a challenge and who can pass up a good challenge? I know my blogging friends LOVE challenges!!  I have challenged myself to run for 28 days straight! Let me rephrase that... run 2.5-3miles everyday for 28 days. Right now I am on day 11.
When we get so consumed with crafts, sewing and painting and everything DIY it's hard to find time to work out but it is very important to make time. You have to set aside time to stay in shape! 
 I have attached some links that will convince you to workout and hopefully that will light a fire under your you know what!

What you can expect from me:
Every Wednesday I will weigh in and post my results and (crossing my fingers) hopefully I can inspire you!
The most important thing I have had to come to terms with is controlling my diet. You have to eat clean,  that is more important than working out ( believe it or not) if you are addicted to sweets like me then you will want to take a sweet tooth challenge  just take it one day at a time like I did.
When you get the urge to eat the entire pan of brownies,  just tell yourself if you can get through today then you'll be able to have sweets tomorrow...
then by the time tomorrow comes you'll be so proud of not having sweets the day before that you continue not to have any for the next day so then by the time 3 days have passed you will have overcome your craving!  Easier than you thought right? 
My triggers or weaknesses would be trail mix ,oreos, chex mix and banana bread therefore I never, ever eat them! If I took a bite I would never be able to stop! Now that may be different for most of you. Some people can have sweets in moderation but I can't. I'm like an alcoholic only with sweets...I just can't stop at 1 bite.
And when it comes to working out.... just do it!!!  don't think about it. So many times I have thought about it and I thought myself out of working out but you have to stay with it.

Even as I'm writing this I am craving something sweet. well you know what? Every time you get a craving get down and do the plank for 30 seconds!
I had to share this picture because every time I get down to do my sit ups or push ups my doggy has to join me. He comes and sits right next to me. I think he is checking to make sure I have proper form. He is just there to support me mostly :)

check back next week for my results and I will also be blogging about the different diets that I've tried and share some healthy recipe ideas!

Oct 10th-Staying motivated and my workout playlist. 

Now is the hard part. I obviously have to post my weight......ughh I hate this part but how are you going to know if I lose if I don't tell you?  Will you just take my word for it? can I just post a picture? Actually I think when I weigh in next wednesday I will post my weight.  Sorry guys...please be patient with me.

Until next time.....


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