Thursday, September 20, 2012

this challenge is making me Angry!

There is not much I cannot do. I am self taught. I'm good at sewing, painting, building things, baking, crocheting, quilting, gardening... I have so many hobbies, there is not much I cannot do BUT THIS....I cannot seem to lose weight and it is pissing me off!!  At this point its not that I think I need to lose weight, I'm not doing it for anyone else...  I want to lose it just to know that I can do it.  It's a challenge that I must accomplish!  
I posted this before and after because I want a before and after!! I think my frame is her pic on the
 left. If I had to guess I think this is a 10 lb difference. I want the 10lb difference! I have been wanting to lose 10 lbs for a year now, no more yo yo-ing  I am going to do this! This is day 13 and I want to quit but then I need to read this poster:

So this means I still have 17 days to go before I see results.  Ugghh.

So I will continue to drink my spinach shakes.

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