Saturday, September 8, 2012

striped skirt

It's been awhile, even though I haven't been bloggn' I've still been sewing.
This skirt is made from my project runway pattern.  It is Simplicity #2698. This pattern is not the easiest or fastest and the waist area is a bit tricky but I made do!

I really like my skirts to have pockets so that is why I picked this pattern.
sewing pockets on takes a bit longer but its worth it. And I love using a different pattern for the pockets.

And adding pleats adds a little bit more character as well.

So I think its not too bad right?

You can't have too many skirts for work.

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  1. That is cute!!! I love the contrast piece for the pocket. I have found in sewing it is the pieces you spend the most time on the ones you love the most. The projects you zip through and cut corners are the first ones in the goodwill pile. Great job!

  2. Such a cute skirt!!! Love the little pockets too! Happy Monday! xo Holly


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