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My 10lb Journey weigh in

So are you ready? Today is Wednesday and it is my weigh in!  I'll show you what the scale read:
I could not believe it. Last week I weighed 151.2 so I have lost 2.2 lbs in one week! Do you want to know how?  My diet. It has to be my diet! Or maybe running? I have been running about 3 miles a day...maybe it's both? I found an article about diet being 80% of weight loss, see here: puts it all in prospective. Eat all natural foods!   You don't need to focus on spending 3 hours in the gym do 30 minutes of interval training instead.

Don’t make the common fitness mistake of trying to simply “sweat” the fat off with lots and lots of long, boring, steady-state cardio workouts (treadmill jogging, stationary bike ride, elliptical machine striding, etc). There’s a much more efficient, fun, and safe way: bodyweight workouts. 

Every other day do a short (20 minutes max) workout based around the most effective bodyweight exercises like push-ups, pulls-ups, squats, lunges, inverted rows, dips, and burpees. Throw in short, high-intensity interval training sessions (aka HIIT workouts) based around bodyweight cardio like sprints, box jumps, rope jumping, etc. Keep the workouts brief but intense and never try to “kill” yourself or you’ll end up getting hurt or becoming over-trained very quickly.

The key to working out for the fastest and best possible fat loss results is intensity and quality of exercise. High-volume, low-quality workouts can work over the short run. But higher-intensity bodyweight training is definitely the most efficient form of exercise because it stimulates the metabolism, causes powerful hormonal changes, burns fat for hours after the workouts are completed, and builds/preserves lean muscle all at the same time (and with minimal risks or energy or over-training!).

Exercise: Intense, Full-Body Calisthenic Workouts

One of the most efficient ways to burn fat rapidly while also building/toning lean muscle at the same time is to do short (20 - 30 minute), high-intensity workouts based around bodyweight calisthenics like free squats, lunges, dips, push-ups, pull-ups, inverted rows, etc. These workouts can be done almost anywhere and do a fantastic job of jump-starting your metabolism while protecting vital lean muscle mass.

For the best, and fastest, results do a full-body strength workout every other day. Do some form of light cardio on the other days. Give yourself a full "off" day every 7 - 10 days. Definitely don't go overboard and try to do too much volume or intensity. The goal is to just stimulate your body's natural fat-burning mechanisms and "good" hormone production, leading to quick fat loss and a fitter, sexier-looking body in a matter of days or weeks.

With that being said I'll share 2 new recipes I tried this weekend.
1st I made some pumpkin protein bites:

My recipe came from Shawncanblog    
They are not too bad and I like how they have 10 grams of protein and no wheat or flour.
It was perfect timing that I found this recipe. I was getting sad because I really wanted to make zucchini bread but I was so afraid to make it thinking I would eat it but I made the zucchini bread the same time I made these pumpkin muffins that way when I smelled the lovely aroma I could reach for one of these healthy protein bites to eat.
Just stir your dry ingredients and combined them with your liquid ingredients and throw them in the oven for 25 minutes.
This is what mine looked like. not quite as scrumptious looking as the ones on ShawncanBlog.
But they don't taste half bad. I actually enjoy them. The recipe makes 9 muffins. I just freezed 5 and put the rest in the fridge. these will be good to have 1 daily. It's just like a protein bar without all the sugar.
I also tried another batch swapping the pumpkin out for banana and it wasn't that good. for some reason it was more dry and it didn't have much taste.

The 2nd recipe is a protein shake that I made up myself. 
1 frozen banana
1 scoop protein powder
some almond milk
1 dollop of greek yogurt

I figured its about 270 calories but it has alot of protein and it is very filling and  healthy! 
For me eating clean is not hard. I was already eating fruits and veggies so I just had to eliminate a few things from my diet.  I'm hoping I can keep this positive attitude going thru the rest of the week.


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