Sunday, April 29, 2012

3rd attempt!

Yes, I pulled out my stencils again and decided to give it another try. I'm going to stencil the inside of my bedroom closet.
So I found after alot of attempts to get out my leveler and paint the first stencil. Wait for that first section to dry then move on and you wont have to wait for the others to just continue to move around the first dried section...

See how you can move on because your tap does not need to tape on the stencil design but the more I painted the worse it looked??
can you see how some of the paint is darker than the other? I am blaming it on the paint. I think it is a fluke because I love sherwin william paint but this paint is out of the same quart that I used to paint my closet and it was so hard to try to blend. I don't think they blended the colors well? and yes I also stirred it when I got home but the spread of it was awful.

I just didn't like it so I'm putting my stencils away and I'm just going to cover it up!
In the meantime....
I found an amazing blog with great inspiration:
I have yet to see a gallery wall like this.

What about this room? How simple and sweet!

OMG, love this! I am so done with trying to make my stencils work. I think I should just try striped walls....well I will start with my door first :)

Place the tape on....straight....that was ANOTHER challenge.
Make sure the tape is pressed on really good otherwise the paint will bleed under the tape.

Not bad for a nice crisp line right? but I couldn't imagine doing this along an entire wall! You have to really love to paint because I couldn't even finish the door....

This is all I got done! and yes i was done, I cleaned up and I'm leaving my closet door just like this for now.
Oh well...not everything is a job well done for me. My attention span is very small so I'm always jumping from one project to another.

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