Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Improving my blog

I really, really need to make a button for my blog! I have been checking out this blog:

And she is great at building her blog and giving tips to others...So my goal this weekend is to get a blog button! And I know I need to take more time to show tutorials....But I want to thank everyone who has become a follower!  If you follow me then I will follow you...we will go in circles together lol!
Anywho, I have just a little project to show (and yes it lacks step by step instructions on how I did it..I am working on this) but there are soooo many flower tutorials out there so the blog world is not lacking at all.

So next week my daughter and my nieces and nephews are getting there pictures together so I'm making a couple of these for the girls.

I try not to post to many pictures of my daughter but I thought this was a cute side view.
There are so many tutorials out there and different ways to make these flowers, I of course picked the easiest way. I just used ribbon ran it thru the machine to gather it. Then I just used my glue gun and started gluing it into a circle.

put a little satin in the middle and a couple of beads and there ya go! I'm going to make another one in orange and red.
And if you missed it, I made this shirt this week as well...Well I didn't make the whole thing, I just reconstructed the t-shirt a little. Read more about it.

Thanks for looking! I am linking to:

make it wear it


  1. Those flowers are going to look great on the girls. They look so pretty and I'm looking forward to the tutorial.

  2. Very cute flower! And thanks for grabbing my button! Hope you can come back next week too!!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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