Sunday, June 19, 2011

Flower Power

I put on this brown tank top and it needed some flare! These flowers were laying around with nothing to do so I started pinning. 

but do you think it's too much? I kinda look like a birthday present! But these fabric flowers can be used for so many things...clip them on a purse, in your hair, to a!

I used a different technique on all 3 flowers
So for now I will show you how to make a flower like this. Its so easy and there are so many tutorials
out there but instead of making you go somewhere else to find it I will show you here!

I used only 8 circles and its out of lightweight shear fabric. The circles are about 3.5 diameter. 

Then you just fold them in half and lay them on your foundation circle (mine is the black felt) and once you get to the fourth circle you will tuck it under the first like you would a box (this is #2 step) then secure them down with thread.  So once that is secure i will take the remaining circles and fold it in half, then in half again (step #3) and then I secure those down one by one with the thread...then thats it!
Now just find some little beads to put in the middle. I actually had this flower gem laying around so I just attached it to the middle.
There is so many things you can do with these flowers!
I made a head band out of this one.

I like to place a sturdy piece of pellon on the back to help it keep from floppy around

Then use a glue gun to glue it to the flower then the head band and I use felt.
And there ya go! Target has these for sale for $9.99.
I got 4 head bands for $1. and the fabric was $1/yard. So basically it cost me not even .50 to make one!
Thanks for looking! 

Check out the other links below for great inspiration!
The Girl Creative


  1. Super cute! I am your newest follower! If you get a chance hop over and check out the flower tank I made earlier this month. It is like my second post, titled Gifts Galore.

  2. Thanks for the sweet comment! :) I love the tutorial!

  3. Perfect for little girls and mommy!

  4. I am happy to chance by your tutorial because I have seen many of these flowers for sell but was wondering how to make it!


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