Monday, June 13, 2011

Vote for me!

I was just notified that this shirt made it to the top 10 in the pattern remix contest!
Details can be found in my previous post where I talk about making it from my 1hour dress pattern
So if you like what you see, Please Vote for Me! Just go to Me Sew Crazy blog  (I am #4)

Thanks Everyone!

Now, onto another dress!
I had so much fun making this dress because it was EEAASY!
I just wish i could get a good picture!

Here is the pattern..The whole "Fast and Easy" is what caught my eye.
The back of it gives a better picture of the shape of the dress.
as you can see there are just a few pieces. The front bodice, back bodice, straps and the skirt!
I actually used a skirt from my simplicity pattern 2443 because I wanted the bottom to be fuller.
So here I am drawing the lines for the pleat for the bodice...
 And I hate that I don't have a serger...urrr. So i always try to cut the bottom right next to the selvage that way when I hem it it is nice and clean and there wont be any fraying.
Oh..and then I added ruffles to the top of it.

So I am linking this to  The Summer of No Pants
Just click on the link for details..


  1. I vote for yoU! :) COme follow my blog in return please? :D



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