Saturday, September 24, 2011

Another successful garage sale!
This sale had a bunch of scrapbooking &and craft supplies.

first things first, i found this nifty tote  and good thing because I had a bunch of other great finds. I needed something to put everything in.

I came across these foam stamps, they were asking $2...not too bad.

And every crafter needs a roll of tulle.

And then I picked up this grab bag that had all these fun finds in them!
The magazines have sooo many great ideas for scrapbooking! And I love the trinket pins!
And the art to heart book is a steal, those usually sell around $15 in a quilt store and they had it listed for $1.
Can you believe I got all of this for $5?  Yes! I walked away with all of this for $5!
This is probably the last garage sell of the season but it leaves me with plenty to do through the winter months.
Thanks so much for looking. I've been doing a little sewing so hopefully my next post will be a finished project.

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