Monday, September 19, 2011

window pane decor

First off, i can't ignore the fact that I have not blogged in almost a month!  But its a good thing, I have been busy, busy, busy doing so many projects around the house, gardening, painting and organizing!  But now I am taking a break, too many projects going on overwhelms me. It just reminds me of the time I do not while being super busy I did not forget to take pictures, I will be posting a little bit of what I have been up to in the next couple of days, now, on to a garage sale find....
Another great garage sale find! It was only $8 !!
At the antique stores in my area they want anywhere from $30-$60 so I thought that was a steal!
The only thing I didn't like about it is that it did not have the center wood (to make it 2 panes) but i fixed will notice it later.  I bought the knob from hobby lobby.
Then I bought this wreath at Tai Pan
And this flower vine from Tai Pan as well..then it put it together and g0t this...
Then I used burlap and hung it to the window pane.
Notice the wood slat in the middle? I just took a small piece of wood and hot glued it to the window, problem solved!  (sorry, not a lot of pix)  Thanks so much for looking!
I will be linking to the party at  Southern Hospitality

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  1. I visited so many blogs but never found this much unique and gorgeous work in any blogs. You are such a genius to share a great idea.


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