Saturday, August 20, 2011

My $1 Storage trunk

Can you believe I only paid $1 for this storage chest/trunk? It was a great yard sale deal!
Of course when I found it it looked like this...
It was a dad and his son who was running the sale.  The son who was about 15 was the first one I saw and I asked him how much the chest was. He shrugged his shoulders and said $1 !! 
I gave him a buck and took off! haha.
The lock was stuck on it but we have a tool for that so it was not a problem at all.
And then I just used white paint (no primer) and applied it with a paint brush
Oh, and I love how it came with this insert...
oh and another comment, I have  come across a lot of storage chests and they want anywhere from $40-$80 and when you open it up it's disgusting and or has a bunch of stains but this one did not.
Next was adding the numbers!
I bought these stencils at hobby lobby..
I never painted with stencils so I had to practice...i chose the inside of the chest...
Not too bad, not too hard either. I just used a sponge brush to paint the numbers on.
And here it is!!  I love it! I sanded down the numbers so they weren't so bold..
Actually, i think I need to sand down the numbers a little more. Another thing is that I have been searching everywhere for casters (wheels) and cannot find any that i love.
But I couldn't wait, I had to bring the chest up with or without wheels!
Thanks so much for looking!
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  1. What a deal! You'll pay more for the paint, casters, etc!

  2. thanks for stopping by and commenting on my old crate! yours is the paint job and what a deal!!!! i was lucky and my hubby just found the casters on a jobsite....hope you can get a great deal on those too!


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