Saturday, November 17, 2012

saturday weigh in

another loss!

So the scale reads 145.8
This is a loss of  .4 lbs.
Last week I weighed 146.2
So my total loss since 9/10/12 is 7.2 lbs! Not too bad right? It is a slow process and as I go thru the weeks I always think i'm not making a difference or that the difference is so minimal but it does take patience. The weight will come off but it is a slow process. Blogging about it has helped me so much. I have 3 weeks left of my 10lb journey. Dec 5th is my health assessment appointment so I really need to buckle down.

Now lets talk about Willpower.
This week I realize just how much i have. You don't just have it! you have to somehow create it yourself, it definitely takes practice. I was so hungry and there was a candy bar sitting in the pantry... to be more specific it was a Hershey bar... In the past  if I opened it I would eat the whole thing but not in this occasion. I opened it, ate 3 squares and threw the rest in the garabage!    ya hoooo! I have come a long way
I just get so sick and tired of not seeing any results and taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back.
This next week is going to be hard because its Thanksgiving. I need to decide ahead of time what I'm going to eat. Of course I'm going to have turkey, stuffing & yams. As far as pie I don't know?  I might have a tiny slice. I'm allowing myself to make that decision that day. If I don't feel like it I wont but I also know that if I have a tiny piece its not the end of the world and I won't have the guilt of "cheating"

Here's to a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am so grateful for my family, my home, my job and my health. I think having a healthy body is so important because there is not much you can do if you don't have your health!
I'm going to leave you with this picture to help you get mentally prepared for the big day!

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