Sunday, November 4, 2012

My only enemy..the scale.

Ditching the scale because every time the number goes up I feel like this!

Whenever I want to complain i think of this:

Duh! News isn't easy!
But you know what I have realized? I always tell myself I hate working out and I always get so mad when the scale does not budge but I think deep down inside I like working out I just don't want to admit it. I am a very grateful person and I appreciate all my blessings and never want to take anything for granted. I know god can take things away as fast as he gives them and every day I am so grateful for my health. I have told people many times that I work out simply because I can! I think it is a great reason.  There are so many people out there struggling with there health, so many people in wheel chairs, or even have bad knees and can't run so if you are healthy enough for physical activity then just do it! It kills me when I see perfectly healthy people just sitting on the couch! I bugs me so bad when it's a beautiful day outside and people stay inside on the couch!!! Come on, get your heart pumping! Enjoy the fresh air! Isn't your body worth it to you?

On to something I'm good at... Drinking Water.
 I never realized before but I drink a ton of water!
128oz!! I always just refill this cup throughout the day.  The cup is 32oz. So that is 16 cups a day that I drink??  Wow and imagine some people have a hard time drinking 8 cups a day.

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  1. Hi Delilah, what a great post! I agree with you we should be thankful for being able to work out. Because there are so many out there who would die to be able to. Great motivation. And by the way you drink a lot of water. Good for you! I struggle with that right now. For some reason I can't drink tap water, and I have to carry bottle water everywhere. :(


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