Monday, November 19, 2012

barely hanging on..

So yesterday I went to see Breaking Dawn with my daughter and had MoViE ThEaTre PoPcOrN!!
I had about 5 handfuls...I think the salt was the most damaging. ..However I did do a HIIT work out.
This one is similar to what I did.
Source: via Kerri on Pinterest

Instead of 50 seconds I did 60 seconds by using the timer on my phone.  So I had my headphones in my ears listening to music and my timer would go off every 60 seconds and I would change workouts. I was dripping with sweat after about 12 minutes. And on Sunday I actually did this for 30 minutes!

If you are not familiar with HIIT workouts here is a great guide:

So then I gotta talk about today.
 K, you know how cartoons always show the good angel/bad angel?
This could have not been more accurate for me tonight. I almost did not go to zumba because of the bad angel (I don't like referring him as the "d" word)!  The bad angel kept saying " just go tomorrow, you are too tired tonight" And the good angel said "don't listen, just go, you already have on your workout gear. you will not regret it" so I basically told the negative part of me to shut up and I grabbed my keys and drove to zumba. I am so glad I did it. Now that I just admitted that I have these conversations in my head you probably think i'm crazy?? lol. But isn't it true that we let our own selves get in the way?  And I'm not just talking about fitness, I'm talking about in our careers and our relationships. I always bad talk myself but now I need to realize it's that little red guy trying to break me down! If I can have this mentality every day I will definitely meet my fitness goals!   
So the moral of this story is to not listen to the little  red guy!

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