Thursday, November 1, 2012

A new month!

I hope everyone .had a fun and safe Halloween!    I'm just glad its over. I was a little nervous about the temptations but I stayed strong.  I had a couple smarties and some licorice. No Chocolate. I just stay away from that because it is so addicting.    So what if you did pig out?  I found a great site for that:

Moving on....    So whats new?
Well I have been staying away from the scale...trying not to let it get me down. Remember my last post where I wrote down a mini goal about getting up early for cardio?
 well I did it! I followed thru! I got up and was at the gym by 6:15am on Monday, Tuesday and even Wednesday!!! Its great to be able to meet a goal. I'm going to start setting a lot more mini goals that have nothing to do with that ugly scale!
I also have another great piece of news:

Source: via Inked on Pinterest

I finally got up the courage to  entered the free weights area. I'm not talking about the regular weight machines. I'm talking about the free weights and the curl bar and the area where you do your dead lifts and squats which is in front of the big mirror that all the muscle boys are at. I just decided to walk over there with my head held high and pick up a curl bar and start lifting. 
I'm so glad I had the courage to do that , It took a lot of guts because at my gym it is definitely the guy zone. There were absolutely no girls in that area and you know what???They didn't even care. I guess I thought everyone was going to judge me or that I would get so nervous and drop a weight but none of that happened and now I can get my strength training on! 
I'm so glad I had the courage to get over myself and you know what? after I did my first set of dead lifts I felt so cool! Yeah, I was in front of the mirror lifting weights with the muscle men!  

Also, my new weigh in day is going to be Saturday Morning.  Hopefully I will have lost some weight...even if its only .4ounces...I'll take it.

In the meantime I want everyone to set a mini goal that can be achieved in 1 week! You will love the happiness you feel when you meet your goal!
I will share my new goal with you on Monday (the beginning of the new week)

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