Sunday, November 4, 2012

New goal...pushups

 New Week, New Goals! I was so excited with meeting my mini goal and I have to have goals like this since I cannot depend on that scale...errrgh.

So my new goal for this week is doing 3 man pushups every day. Right now it's a struggle but hopefully by the end of the week I can do 3 perfect pushups!
I have also decided to put a plan in place that way I'm not wondering what type of work out to do each day.
So I have already completed my work out for today. I have to say it was the best workout ever! Thanks to Pitbul I did not want to get off the treadmill. I also did upper body weight training so I'm off to a good start for the week.  The reason why I have a rest day for tomorrow is because I have to go into the office so I won't have time in the morning to work out and I'm usually exhausted after work. 
I also just found out that my Healthy Utah Appt is on Dec 5th.
During that appointment I will get a health assessment done which is where they measure your body fat, cholesterol, take waist measurements etc. So I'm really going to buckle down, I'm excited to see how I measure up compare to my #'s from last year. And I would like to see how low my body fat % is as well.
Last year my body fat was 28% and it needs to be below 26% 
And if I'm in the healthy range on the health assessment then I will get $50!  Not bad right?
Maybe I can buy a new pair of jeans by then.

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