Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Winter Blues

Every year I struggle with this. I don't want to go anywhere, don't want to work out, I end up gaining weight and I just complain all the time about how cold it is. So this year I want to change that.   Jan-April  are the hardest months to get through however I have found this great article about  flipping the script!
Just because I have been this way in the past does not mean I have to act like this every year. It's time I shift my thoughts in a more positive direction.
For some reason I hate the feeling of sweating in the cold. It just creeps me out because I will be sweating and touch my face and my cheeeks will be ice cold...that is why i have not pursued any outdoor activities...Okay, I just wanted to take time to explain that...Now on to the positive.

If I want to get through the next 3 months and meet my 10 lb weight loss goal then I will need to change my actions and the way I think.

1st- It's ok to workout at home.   I need to realize that working out at home is just as effective as the treadmill at the gym.  The reason why I have not gone to the gym is that it is soooo cold and the parking is so far away from the building! I need to be okay with working out at home, besides, I have noticed I sweat more when I work out at home. (i do the hiit programs and zumba at home)

2nd-Embrace the couch.  Of course do this only after a workout. But during the summer months I'm such a busy body. I am doing projects around the house, painting, gardening, hiking etc so maybe during these 3 months I should look at is as a break because once the sun is out...its on.

3rd-Crochet away.  Why not take advantage of these months by making handmade gifts? I need to know it's okay to crochet. I'm not going to view myself as lazy anymore! and at least crocheting keeps me out of the fridge.

Speaking of Crochet, Look what I found....

  What great timing right? I was just blogging about how much I love to crochet and during these winter months I'm going to take advantage of using up my stash.
This also goes along with my resolution of saving money...using what I already have instead of going out and buying more stuff.  Staying in and creating rather than going out shopping!
I keep most of my yarn in a bin under my bed...then I keep what I'm working on in a wicker basket in my living room.  I would love to use up this  yarn.
So the purpose of the Stash Buster Challenge is to make projects with the yarn you already have. I'm going to attach this pattern again (i know most of you are probably sick of these slippers).  
But these slippers are a perfect project for left over  yarn and it's a great gift for anyone and you can make them in very little time.
I have some other patterns to share with you as soon as I get the projects finished.
Until next time!


  1. This is a great way to start the year...resolutions, exercise, and of course crochet ;-) The slippers are really cute, and perfect to use at home during the winter. You have made a great start!
    Ana BC

  2. Great way to start the year! I'm just learning crochet, I'm pretty excited! I'm working on a scarf right now :) Have a great day! xo Holly

  3. I have the exact opposite weather problem here. It's so hot during the summer, we can't do anything outside so winter is the time of year to get out and about. I usually gain wait if I stay here during the summer, but lose it when the temperatures cool down. I'm stash busting, too. Making some slippers is on my list of things to try so will have to check out that pattern. Have a great day! Tammy


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