Friday, January 4, 2013

Building up my gift stash

I finished some more see through bags/pouches.

I made so many of these for Christmas and gave them away as gifts. And now I'm trying to build my stash up again. Here is my previous post if interested on how this came to be.

It seems like it's always someones birthday so I like to keep a few gifts on hand.

I also made a few hotpads...

I think these are a good gift to because who doesn't need hotpads?
These can whip up fast because I don't bind them, it just appears to be binded (explained in this post)

And I finally figured out the pattern for baby slippers.

However I don't know that I will be able to do it again? I only got one side done. I could not follow the directions on the pattern...I kept coming up with either not enough stitches or too many so I made it up as I went along....isn't it cute?
I just wish I had to baby to put them in.  I also have another order for 2 baby owl hats...those are my favorite so I will be busy finishing them.
Hope you enjoyed my finishes for the week!

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