Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Crafty Chaotic Life

I am so bad about Unfinished Projects! 
 I will start something and then move on to something else.
It's pretty chaotic, kinda like my blog. I know my blog is a mess, I wish I had a nice clean organized blog, its just that I work on a computer all day long for my day job so the last thing I want to do is be on the computer at night. Its hard to find time to create then find more time to write a post about it. But I think posting pictures is what people love to see?  (ie pinterest, flickr)  I realize I am a horrible narrator but its hard to keep up a blog, it is very time consuming, that is why I'm always so grateful when other bloggers take the time to post tutorials.  
Anywho, I appreciate all that visit my blog despite the mess!   

Here are a couple things I'm working on . 
I have been pretty persistent with trying to make the perfect baby bootie. In fact, one night I stayed up until 3 am! (blogged about here) I think this pink bootie turned out well but now I have to make another one just like it.  I have a  pattern that I am following however I keep getting the stitches wrong.

here is another one I attempted. I'm trying to find a good easy pattern. Once I have perfected the baby bootie I will then embelish it with straps and bows and all that cute stuff.

I also just wanted to make some more hot pads. I love the string quilting blocks. I'm actually putting together a separate post for these hot pads but I also need to finish them.

Then I started crocheting some slippers for my husband, he mentioned he wanted a pair...who knows when I will get the other side I am horrible.
Lets not forget my granny square project.... 
Once I came across this picture I had to make I have started yet another project... a granny square bag...I just get bored with one project that I move on to the next...I'm sure you can all relate right?
I think I need to take a break from Pinterest  for a week and just get my own projects completed.


  1. I'm like you I started making a blanket yesterday AND I still have 3 on the go. I'm sure everything will be lovely once they are done :)

  2. The baby shoes are really cute!
    When I strated making them, the same thing happened. A tip: take notes, in order to make the second one identical.


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