Tuesday, January 15, 2013

granny squares

What have I been up too? Crocheting of course....but what?  gRaNnY SqUaReS!
Because I am participating in the Stash-buster challenge I have really looked into some ideas on using up my stash. Granny Squares are the perfect way to do this.

Here are a couple that I made so far using a g size hook.

The pattern I am using is from this book. I refer to this book often when I just need to know the basics.

They have a pattern for a granny square. They call it the Old American Square. Of course you can find hundreds of patterns online for a granny square that is why I just chose the one out of the book I have. Too many choices just confuses me.  You can spend hours trying to decide which one to choose or you can spend hours crocheting.  (I will explain the construction on the square in my next post.)
Then I was looking Pinterest for some ideas for using the granny squares, look what I found....

I  LoVe  this bag. I love the colors, it is just so pretty!

Ok, now this granny square purse is made by Dolce & Gabbana. ...And, It is $2900!! What? That is crazy. I can make it for $500. (hehe)

Now what would your reaction be if you saw someone wearing this? I actually like it hehee.

So I think I'm going to go with the gray purse/bag. I know, I'm playing it safe.
So once I get done with my granny squares I"m going to crochet a gray border around each of them.
Just having so much fun with the Stash Buster Challenge. Click below to see other crochet projects.


  1. Good morning Delilah!

    I'm paying back your visit. Wow, Dolce & Gabbana? People would laugh if I'd have such a purse, but if I told .... :-) Have a nice day! Regula

  2. Love the color that you choose for your granny bag...:)

  3. Your granny are so cute! I'm wanting to make a few today! :) Happy crocheting! xo Holly

  4. Excellent project! I am planning a post about granny blankets to give you ideas for the stash-buster...but you seem to be well on your way ;-)


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