Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Itty bitty crochet

I cannot believe I was up until 3am crocheting!!  I found a pattern for some cute little booties and I just had to make them.  Whenever I start to crochet or sew I get lost in time. I kept trying different patterns and different yarns because I was so excited to make a cute little bootie, I could not go to bed until I perfected it but it never happened- I could not find my G Hook anywhere??!!! The next closest size was an E Hook and it just wasn't working.

Here is what I came up with, It's not perfect, I was using the wrong size hook so I decided I needed to go to bed considering it was 3am.

I just can't believe how cute these are. I love when they make them with 2 different colors.
The only problem is ..I can't buy a pattern because of my goal of saving money and being on a budget.
  So I'm in search of a free pattern, and this one is actually a free pattern on

I'm putting the baby booties on hold for a bit.
I did whip up these adult size slippers.

They are put together in no time at all...Maybe an hour? I'll have to time it.
See my original post for pattern info.

And while taking a picture of my finished projects my dog decided he wanted his pictures taken! He came and layed right in front of the camera.
LOL, I love him!

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