Sunday, February 12, 2012

They are mulitplying!

 K- so when I made the gray one I thought he was really cute but I didn't like my selection of fabric as much
Here is a detailed post on how I made these guys.

So here is my newest guy! Isn't he so cute! I love the fabrics I chose...and you can never go wrong with Heather Bailey Fabrics!

Here he is chillin' on my new shelf with his new friend!

One things I love about these guys is even though I had the same pattern they all turned out different.
They are all cute in there own unique ways! (just like us)  
The red one on the right has really short legs and his body is more wide. I think I placed the eyes too high on the one in the middle and the gray one on the left has really really long legs! lol...but I love them all the same!
Ok guys....i will stop with the owls for now! Thanks for stopping by!

sew many ways


  1. Cute owls! And what a happy looking blog.

    I hope you can stop by and share a favorite post at the It’s a Wrap Link Party at Artful Rising.


  2. I love it, they are "adorable".

  3. Those are just adorable!! I'm going to see how you made them! ...I want some! hehe :)


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