Wednesday, February 29, 2012

decorate your shoes

The power of a flower!
So cute right? They are flower clips I did myself...who knew how cute it would make the shoe! At first I thought maybe it looks to crafty but not at all! When I went to the mall the other day all I saw were embelished shoes.
Like these:

Now, the only problem I have with these shoes is they are so freaking high!

so when I found these heels I knew just what to do with them.
I'll show you how I made the flower.

  This is the fabric I started with and cut it at 2 inches wide and about 20 inches long

Then I ironed it in half and put it thru the machine. Make sure you change your stitch length as much as you can. Mine goes to 4.5.
Make sure you leave a tail of thread so you can pull the thread to make the fabric gather...

(see) You just pick the top thread (or the bottom) and start pulling it and just continue to work your way down until the whole strip is gathered.
Now you are just going to wrap the gathered fabric into a circle (creating the flower) Then you are going to cut a fabric square to glue your flower on. ( i use a hot glue gun)
Once you have it glued on then just cut the excess fabric off then glue a clip to it.
And clip it to your shoes! How cute is that?
I love them!  Thanks for stopping by!
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