Monday, February 13, 2012

craft room progress

i love how it is turning out! 
I love the color of this shelf! It was a walnut color wood shelf that I had in my kitchen and recently took it down so I decided to repaint it and hang it in my sewing room. I decided to hang it above my cutting board so I could put my pin cushions and rulers and scissors on it.
So this is what my sewing room looked like last week...
There is no shelf and I did some rearranging of my quilts

And this is what I did this weekend! I added the shelf
and also added the wire hanging system that I got from ikea. 
I have always wanted to display my creations but without putting a bunch of holes in the walls. It also had to be easy to hang up. Well these are hanging up by clips.

This system was around $14 for the clips and the wire set up at Ikea

Now, if you have ever bought things from IKEA then you will know there directions are quite unique...they don't have words, only pictures.

They also don't come with screws so I always have a jar of screws handy for all my projects.

So once I got the wire system hung I was able to hang up all my mini quilts

and here is where I keep all my McCall & Simplicity patterns.

I really love how in the after picture all my projects really stand out. in the before picture they were kinda lost in all the clutter.  Now I just need to get sewing!
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  1. I like it!, is a great idea!

  2. Your space looks great!! Love the wall hangings pretty!! :))

  3. It's really nice. Love how you displayed your mini quilts!


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