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Owl Pin Cushion

Meet my new friend!

This pattern can be found on   And it is very easy to make.

They provide you with this pattern and then they actually have a video on how they did it.  I just cut out the pieces and used the applique stitch to finish it off.\
I used felt for the eyes and I applogize for these photos (the flash) I'm sewing and night and the lighting in my sewing room is awful.

And I attached cute little buttons for the eyeballs.

Then on the back I attached my cute label.
After you have finished the front side then just sew them right sides together then turn it right side out.
And then start stuffing it. I used stuffing at first so that I could get it in the pointing ears part then I used walnut shells for the majority of it.
The reason why I also used walnut shells is so the owl will sit up. It gives it some weight.
Now, in the video on DIYDISH they recommend using wonder under tape to seal the bottom but I didn't have any so I used a hot glue gun.
Now the legs are really tricky. They want you to place the paper pattern of the legs over your fabric and sew then rip the paper off and cut off the excess fabric. (you may want to watch the video)  but what I found is it was impossible for me to get the batting down in the feet if it is sewn all the way up to the top. so if you look closely you can see where I sewed it with the red thread then left a gap so I could fit the batting down into the feet.

 I actually put a little bit of batting going all the way up the leg then sewing it shut.
Anyway, here are how the legs turned out...pretty stiff. I didn't make his thigh area long enough. As you can see, his knees (the knots) are pretty high.  Make sure when you make it that the knots are down lower so they can hang properly.

And here he is chillin' he difinitely needs a friend (one with longer legs)

So I whipped up another
This one is much better, she can sit up on her own and her knees are down lower.
see how they compare to one another
And here is a pix of what the bottom looks like.

Here she is just sitting on my machine.  I want to make a couple more, the hardest part is trying to find what fabrics should go together.
Thanks so much for looking. Hope I have inspired you to make one!
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  1. Your owls are so cute! I am totally inspired to make one!

  2. pinned! I'm an owl fanatic, thanks!

  3. These are so darn cute! I'm definitely going to pin these! Thanks for taking part in my linky party!

  4. Your owls are sew adorable! I just may have to make one of these for my sewing room. TFS


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