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So I figured I would hop on board with the whole stenciling thing but oh my...its kinda hard. How hard?
Well here was my first try....
This was my first try! lol, wow, that doesn't look like the picture?  And the paint color is reversed... for this design I should have  painted the wall white and then paint my choice of color for the stencil design.

Then I tried again with this design and that was not working either, the paint was blending together. Plus I couldn't really focus at the time because the rest of my bedroom looked like this...
(this was during my closet renovation) believe me, it does not look like this on a regular day. So on that note I put away the paint and decided to finish my closet project and come back to stenciling another day.
By the way, this is the stencils that I am working with. I bought them from Michaels and with my coupon it was $11.

Okay, so here is another day and another closet. sewing closet to be exact.
as you cans see its a big improvement, I followed some tips online as far as you don't want alot of paint on your roller and with anything it takes a few practice runs to get it down however it was so time consuming! and again I'm running into the same problem where I can't really concentrate because the rest of my room looks like this...

I couldn't even make my way to my sewing machine! So again, I put away the stenciling and decided that I need to clean my sewing room and fix up my closet so I can actually get to my sewing machine and sew.
I will give you an update on my closet soon!

So when is the perfect time to stencil? Now that i think about it...stenciling your closet would be hard, you'll always have a mess waiting for you because you have to work with an empty closet I guess? Maybe I will try to stencil a door?   If you have tried/done stenciling then share your link when you comment.  I would love to see it. And share any tips if you have them, Thank You!


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