Sunday, February 5, 2012

organizing my sewing room

I took a trip to Ikea (it is 50 mins away) and bought this system, It was $87 for the frame and the bins.
So much cheaper then lowes or the rubbermaid bins. If you have a rubbermaid closet system you would know the wire bins are $30, I have also seen them as low as $15 but guess how much the wire baskets are at IKEA? .... $2.50!!! And the solid bins were $10 So yeah, it was $87 total.

So I figured I could put my fabric in 3 of the bins then have enough room for my beading, paints, tools, etc.
I could not believe that My fabric took up every single bin.
While cleaning my sewing room I kept finding fabric EVERYWHERE!
But I finally finished cleaning and putting everything back together.
Ok, so if you look really hard at the pix on the left you will see my black leather chair...and do you notice my armoire in the first picture as well? I cannot believe what a mess it was!
Here is the inside of my armoire...this is my scrap book section.
Now I can start sewing again~yah!
My yarn bin was a bit out of control. the bin it was in was too big and I didn't even know what colors I had, also the more I tried to look thru it the more tangle it got so I decided to but it in a bin that fits under the bed.

This is perfect, the yarn will not get tangled and I can easily see what I have. (this is not all the yarn I have) i actually ended up using 2 bins like this but need to get another one. And its nice because I can store it under my bed.
Ahhh, its a relief, i can breath again.
I will be sharing with this party that is just right for my post. The party is called "a round tuit"
I finally got around to cleaning my sewing room! Thanks everyone!

Sew Chatty


  1. your room seems so good now. Very good decoration and good colors. I like this kind of rooms very much...

  2. You have such a cute sewing room!!! :)
    Great job with the tidying and sorting!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  3. Go girl! Feels good to get organized, doesn't it? I'm in the midst of the same ordeal. Your new room looks great!


Thanks for your comment!

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