Saturday, February 11, 2012

Photography thoughts

This is my thought: I suck!
You should see the behind the scenes of each post I do. I take a million and one pictures and then I pick one or two that are not as horrible as the rest.

 I'm always looking at tips from others but I don't seem to get it...or I don't let it sink in. I feel like I need to attend a photography class...The only reason why I have resisted is because everything else I have done I have never had to take a class, I'm always able to figure it out on my own. I never took a class for crocheting or sewing but I'm thinking I need one for photography :(  I have yet to grasp the concept... But the cost is alot! Some of the Online classes can be around $200!!
So until I get great I have to apologize, I have been looking thru my photos and I'm so sorry If I have blinded you!  And here I am posting them again:
I'm posting these as my "what you don't want your photos to look like"
K-so I am done beating myself up and have acknowledged that I'm a horrible all I can do is go up right? 
I have found these links from some very generous bloggers ( i couldn't find there blog buttons)  And I hope they can help me get better photo's.

Hope I have helped some of you with rounding up some tips!


  1. Aw don't stress it just takes practice. What camera are you using? I use a canon rebel xs from time to time. Here's a link to one of my blog posts I did with some of my good photos :

    Depending on what camera you are using you can set the focus to manual and just adjust the focus on the one item.

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog :) It just takes practice. I only shoot in manual, sometimes with flash/auto if I just can't get the picture right in manual. But really all I do is shoot in Manual mode, make sure the lighting around me is decent. Then I adjust the settings a little. If you're worried about the pictures turning out a little blurry due to light, just adjust the ISO to a higher 800 or 1600..but the higher you go on that, the grainer the picture will be. I just added you to fb so if you'd like to chat about it we can :)

  3. Oh my gosh you are not alone... I feel your frustration 100%!... guh! I feel like I can't get a good picture without my flash but I'm FOREVER seeing people taking AMAZING pictures without their flash... sigh... Thanks for being honest and open about it... because sometimes I feel I'm the only who gets frustrated :D


Thanks for your comment!

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