Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What a girl wants!

Many, Many Dresses!!!  Last year I could not stop making quilts! This year I cannot stop making clothes!!
  Look at all these cute dresses I found on  www.modcloth.com  If you are looking for inspiration check out there website. I want to make a dress that is this shape. How it's a little tight around the upper body then ruffles out at the waist. AND I found a couple butterick patterns that I think will work. Oh and I had to make sure the pattern said "Fast and Easy"  No more of the complicated nonsense from this dress  Although now looking back I think I was exagerrating a bit much...it really wasn't all that bad...(i can say that now that it's done)

So I found a couple butterick patterns that I think might work either 4957 or 5351. Guess I better go pick out some fabric and get the pattern...Till Next Time, here are a few more dresses to wish upon...


  1. I haven't been brave enough to try a dress for myself but I'm tempted!

  2. These look pretty! I would love to try to do one sometime! :)


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