Monday, May 30, 2011

doll pillow

My niece is so cute..every time she comes over she picks up this pillow...
And she always asks if she can bring her doll over so she can lay on it and she is only 3 so she says it in the cutest voice. Next week is her birthday so I decided to make her one. I would just give her this one but since her b-day is coming up I didn't really want to wrap this up and make it look like I just gave her a random gift around the house. So I made this...
I hope she likes it. I love applique'..its just a mini pillow, about 8x9, perfect for her doll.

I thought I would share a little applique tip.  Have you ever had a hard time peeling the backing off after you get it all cut out? I have..and then the section where I try to peel it off ends up I peel a little bit off first then mark it and then cut it.. 
That way after I cut it I can take the peeling off from where I marked it.. 
and then you don't have to waste minutes trying to peel the backing off..and you keep your edges clean!
Maybe some of you are saying "duh" but I didn't think to do this my first couple times so if it helps anyone out then I'm glad.
Added some ric rac

And used amy buttler as the backing..and its done, took about 30 minutes to make.
I hope she likes! Thanks for looking.
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  1. Cute pillow! :) Thanks for linking up to {Sew} Modern Monday and have a great week!


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