Monday, May 30, 2011


 So this is the conclusion of my dress using the cynthia Rowley Pattern...
I don't know why these came out so blurry, I must have had my camera on the wrong setting....
And I woke up this morning and it was snowing!! So i had to try to find good lighting in my house and my daughter will only take so many pictures before she runs out of patience.
Anyways...after my last post listing all my frustrations here is what I got...I still don't think it's worth 3 days of sewing!!
but throw a cardi on it and it works for work!

Here is a shot of the zipper, can you see how I had to sew more fabric to the midriff? Yeah..that is another mistake that was made. And I think that since the pattern adds the zipper then I don't have to use knit. (because the pattern says "knit only")

And here is a close up of the collar. I didn't follow the directions on this step. I actually finished the collar part then sewed it on top of the bodice. The previous post goes into detail about this.

In conclusion...its not bad for $2.00!  I bought the fabric at Hancock Fabrics and it was on sale for .95/yard!
Thanks for looking!  I'm going to participate in

Fresh Poppy Design


  1. So cute! I love how it looks on you! So you're saying that you either use a knit with no zipper, or a woven with a zipper?

  2. This looks so comfy and what a great color on you! I'd love to have you add this post to the SONP Link Party!

  3. BEAUTIFUL dress! Great job!! I'm following you back now! :)

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  4. I love it! That dress looks cuter on you than it does on the model!


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