Sunday, May 15, 2011

stars around town complete!

Amy's Creative Side

I can't believe this! Finally after almost 2 years its complete! I know going to the Home Quilting Show helped. And also the bloggers quilt festival was also an incentive to getter' done.
When I look back on this quilt it amazes me. 2 years ago I barely knew how to quilt. My grandmother taught me how to paper piece then she bought me this quilt pattern and my first quilting show...this is a paper piecing quilt, all the stars are paper pieced and so are the buildings, there is also a little bit of some needle turn applique....i really had no business attempting this quilt!! but I learned so much! Like how hard it is to quilt on the bias. when you paper piece that tends to happen.
Now that the hard part is over I have to decide how to quilt it.  I'm going to quilt it on the Long Arm I just don't know what design to do?

I wish you could see the detail in it, its much better in person

I think I might stipple around the blocks with the buildings..

Thanks for looking!
Click Here for a close up of some of the blocks.
Also, here is a previous post with some pictures of the blocks individually.


  1. What a delightful quilt. I have to admire all the work you have done in it, especially considering there are so many different processes. There is so much detail. It looks fantastic!!

  2. It is gorgeous,congratulations:)

  3. Wow....amazing quilt!

    Marti in San Diego

  4. Beautiful quilt.Love all the details.

  5. Yay well done on getting it done! It looks brilliant!

  6. What an amazing quilt! Your work is beautiful!!

  7. Love the little town and all the stars.

  8. This is an amazing and beautiful quilt!

  9. Just adorable and love the vibrancy. How fun to have this memory of your grandmother, also. Really nice. Thanks for sharing and have a great day


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