Sunday, May 22, 2011

The confused quilter...

So this is the quilt that I struggled with from day 1! I started working on this....hmmm, lets see...2 years ago!

The part that is labeled "front" was going to be the front of the quilt then on the right side of it was actually going to be the back. (it was going to be like a runner for my bed) I just wanted to make a quilt to display at the foot of my bed...then I thought that was kind of a dumb idea so I just sewed the front and back together. ??

But then this turned out okay because when I fold it one way you get the pretty lime and blue shades of flowers and if you fold it the other way then you get the pretty patchwork.

And here is the back, the back is actually my favorite. I love the Valorie Wells fabric.  I also made curtains out of this fabric in the turquoise shade.

I can also fold it up and put at the end of my bed with this side showing..although I even like it like this too!
So I guess being confused wasn't that bad after all.
Thanks for looking, click here if you want to see more pictures. Oh and check out these great parties I am linking too...You don't want to miss out on all the inspiration!

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  1. Two years or's fantastic! The colours are gorgeous.

  2. It is BEAUTIFUL... I do appreciate how much work and love goes into each one. I sew to destress so there is no way I can get involved with quilts.LOL

  3. What a pretty quilt! Love the back!

  4. Wow, it looks great! I especially love the colors. Thanks for linking up!


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