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weekly weigh in:

I'll get straight to it-last weeks weigh in was 149
Here are my stats today:
CW: 147.8
GW: 136

This morning the scale read 147.8     I lost 1.2lbs!  That is great!
I have worked out every day this week and my eating habits are better. I noticed in the past sometimes I would lose 2 lbs in a week then .5 the next so I'm going to be patient.

I have to share this Amazing 6 week Seminar that I am participating in. It started Thursday night and its called Powerful Brain. Health Body.

I'm hoping it will give me the tools needed to lose 10 lbs.
Something that stuck with me is he said not to focus on Bad Habits and getting rid of them. Just create new healthy habits and focus on the new healthy habits!
The first habit that I am creating is waking up at 6am every weekday and working out.  So far so good. Monday was a holiday so I started on Tuesday, oh, now that I think about it I slept in till 7am on Thursday...but its a start, I worked out tues, wed and friday morning.
Now I have to think really hard about other new habits that I want.

There were 2 questions in our packet that we have to took some thinking but this is what I came up with:
Why do I want to lose 10 lbs?
I want to inspire and motivate those that I care about
I feel like losing 10 lbs is enough to change my appearance then others will notice and be inspired.Think about it..where does most of your inspiration come from? Not books, gimmicks or exercise machines but actual people!   When I need some motivation I look at before/after pictures of actual people who lost weight.
To have that feeling of accomplishment
People would say "you don't need to lose 10lbs" Why not? Why not be the healthiest you can be? Plus I like the challenge.   It really boosts your self esteem and gives you the courage and confidence to try other things..
Why is it important to me?
I value my health. I thank god every morning for my health. If you don't have your health you cannot enjoy your life. I am thankful for so many things, my husband, daughter, work, my family...but if I'm not healthy then its really hard to enjoy all the blessings in my life. Think of a time you have had the would give anything to feel better again right?      I want to live a healthy lifestyle so I can be a good example for everyone around me!  My husband, my daughter, family members, neighbors, coworkers, etc.     There are too many people out there that don't work out, don't eat healthy, they are depressed, tired, sick..but will not exercise...  I just don't get it???     If I can lose weight I hope that others will see me and get inspired as well.  There are a lot of people in my life that I care about that don't exercise and also eat junk! I want to motivate them.  
I have noticed in the past year I have become very passionate about nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. It all started from a program and my work called Healthy Utah. Once a year you can make an appointment and they will do a health assessment, if you pass then you get $50.  Passing would be a bmi of  26 or less and if you don't fall under 26 then they have other incentives like losing 10lbs, quit smoking, lowering your blood pressure. Its a really good benefit that not very many people take advantage of.  (Now that I say that I am curious to know the % of employees that do participate in this)

I will end with this alarming statistic that was thrown out during our seminar:
People with a BMI above 30 call in sick on average 14x a year!
People with a  BMI under 25 call in sick on average 4x a year!


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