Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Another Quilt

yep I gave in.  My last post talked about how I was not going to start another project.
Well here it is!
I have to explain why I was all the sudden drawn to these granny squares.
I have been crocheting granny squares and when I would search on other granny squares and trying to get ideas on how to join them I would also get results for these granny squares!!  I didn't know they were called granny squares but they do look like granny squares (the crochet ones)  So I decided I had to make one....Oh and its a great project to use up your scraps too.

I tried to figure out a fast way to put them together rather then individually sewing each 2.5 square one at a time.   You know how on the trip around the world you can sew your fabrics in strips then cut them and magic occurs in the way you unpick them? Well I kept thinking how that would work out with these and couldn't figure it out. (Plus I couldn't find a tutorial on that so it must not be possible)

I did figure out how to save a little time. I strip pieced the outside squares.
So with each block you cut 2 10x2.5 strips of white and 2 10x 2.5 strips of your colored fabric.
I then iron them open and cut them every 2.5"   This saves time on ironing and cutting and also you don't have a bunch of thread tails....I hate those!

 Now you have a head start on your block and you can now select your inside blocks from the huge stack of scrappy fabric..

This is what it will look like.   And you can do a lot of your outside blocks all at one time. Have them ready to go!

I did find a blog that used the strip piecing method for her granny squares. Click here .  The reason why I haven't used her method yet is because I still have a bunch of 2.5 squares laying around that i need to include in my quilt. 

Meanwhile, I am still working on my sampler quilts...Not long after I lay them out do I get this...
I turn my back for a minute and look what I find. He thinks that I lay these out for him!
lol. thanks for looking. 
Click on the button to see more quilts in progress:
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  1. Love your granny squares! Aren't they fun? I got on a granny square kick a while back myself. I just do them here and there when I have scraps. Eventually I'll have enough for a quilt top.

    1. mindybrown4@hotmail.comFebruary 24, 2013 at 1:04 PM

      OMG what breed of dog is that...we have on just like that we rescued and have been trying to figure out her breed...she is the best dog and looks just like yours only a little darker!

  2. Obviously, your dog has good taste. The sampler blocks look lovely!

  3. Cute granny squares:) that's on my list of quilts to make too!

  4. I'm like you, always starting a new project when I promise I won't. I love your granny squares. I've wanted to make some for a while but haven't done it. Beautiful work!


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