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Sew N Tell Friday!

Another quilt for charity! And this is about the only part of the quilt I like...the binding.
 I messed up in so many ways on the quilting part of it. I bought some hobbs lofty batting (1st time) but then I ended up quilting little  flowers all over it which defeats the purpose cuz all I did was compress the batting down so it doesn't even look fluffy!  But that was not the machine was giving me problems, Thread Breaking!!! yeah, my thread was breaking everytime I would do big loops so I had to keep the flowers really small.
And now the quilt doesn't even lay flat?? Hopefully that will change after I wash it  however I am also afraid to wash it...what if the colors bleed? This is not designer fabric and I don' t want the color to get all over the white...what do you think?

Then I did just one fabric on the back, nothing too exciting. But I like the print. They are ice cream Sundae's. Which you can see a closeup in the first pix.

Anywho, I don't think I have ever been so hard on myself about a quilt before. I think I am just done with the whole charity quilts for a while! lol. But I'm sure all you quilters no how hard it is to finish a project. I have been dying to work on other things but committed myself to making 10 quilts for  Charity by Oct. 23rd. This is my 8th quilt!
Thanks so much for looking.
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  1. oh, it's beautiful! Don't be too hard on yourself... washing and drying a quilt hides all sorts of issues. :) I love the quilt!

  2. I think this looks great! And good for you for making 10 (!!) quilts for charity!

  3. This may help....coming from a quilting teacher of 20 years. When you wash your quilt, use something called a "color catcher". You should be able to find it in the detergent area of your store ( I get mine at Walmart). The idea is that it "catches" any color run off so your quilt won't absorb the color.
    The other hint is that if I have a NOT SO FLAT quilt, you can block it like needlework. I lay it out while it is still damp and push and prod it into flatness ( does that make sense)....and then I just leave it flat overnight til dry. It will be flat as can be. I hope this helps.

  4. Don't be so hard on yourself-the quilt looks great. Throw in a dye catcher when you wash it (I even pin them to the quilt if I'm really worried about a fabric running.))

    What a wonderful gift you are giving: 10 charity quilts!

  5. This quilt is really cute! I agree with the comment on the Shout Color Catchers. That should help with any bleeding. And 8 charity quilts? Incredible!!

  6. I think it's fabulous! Your concerns show how much thought and care you put into it. The recipient is going to love it. :o) Visiting from Sew&Tell. Thanks for sharing. Happy Sewing! :o) Larri at Seams Inspired

  7. Looks awesome!! Great going all the way for a charity quilt! Shout color catchers are the way to go!!



  8. This quilt looks great. I'm sure it will be loved by the recipient. Thanks for sharing!

  9. you've inspired me !
    I have been quilting for over 10 years and about a year ago stopped. completely stopped. it all started when i gave a quilt and the person didn't event hank me. i gave it to her thru another person. so i didn't have direct contact with the receiver of this beautiful orange quilt (can be seen toward the bottom of my butternut blog). I felt so hurt. now I want to give again. who cares if i hear from them right? well ok, i'm still a bit upset. but i love words on quilts. and these are priceless for a baby! thanks again. glad i found your blog. i'm bookmarking you!

  10. i think it looks great! i'm new to doing my own quilting and I'm afraid I'll mess stuff up too, which is why i have so many quilts unfinished!

  11. ps - i love shout color catchers. they look like dryer sheets but you put them in the wash and they come out with the extra dyes, if any.


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