Friday, October 29, 2010

Bloggers Quilt Festival

I am presenting  Flock O' Geese!
I saw this quilt in Elm Creek Quilts books and had to make one myself! I just love the little triangles. And I made it from some leftover Urban Couture fabrics.

What I learned most is to iron..actually "Press" Press, Press.

I just love the little triangles! And another thing that was helpful is measure 1/4 away from the point. It is very important that you always leave 1/4 alowance or else you will just sew off the tip of the triangles...and again, press-not iron.

I also quilted and binded this myself. What I really wanted to do is straight line quilting but did not know where to run the lines thru so I just did an allover stippling on the long arrm.

The binding is also from the Urban couture line and I did a blind stitch on the back of the binding.
Oh and It's kinda exciting to mention that I entered this is my local County Fair and it won 1st place in it's category.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about my quilt...Make sure to check out all the others.

Amy's Creative Side - Blogger's Quilt Festival


  1. lovely quilt!!! love how looks those triagles!

  2. This is such a fun quilt. I love all those triangles. I might have to find that pattern. So cute!

  3. Beautiful job! Love those triangles :) I've seen this quilt many times myself and would love to make it too. You've done a wonderful job!! Thank you for sharing :)

  4. Such a yummy quilt! Great choice for the quilting.

  5. you did a beautiful job...pressing instead of ironing is hard to do....i get on auto pilot and then forget not to iron.

  6. Lovely! Colorful and a real beauty!

  7. What a fun cheerful quilt, I like how it has so much movement, (flying geese, swimming fish).
    Come see my 1890 antique schoolhouse quilt and
    black/white/pink scrappy miniature

  8. I have the books and like this pattern, which I plan on making someday. Love your colors.

  9. I love the Elm Tree books. Your quilt is beautiful and all your points are perfect. Congratulations on winning first prize at the fair!!

  10. Delilah, this quilt is gorgeous! Love the fabric colours and the design. Your quilting looks great too.
    This is a wonderful Quilt!

  11. So cool that you entered it in the fair and won first place!! That is awesome!

  12. Look at all of those lovely sharp points. Beautiful work. My triangles usually seem to lose their points.


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