Sunday, October 31, 2010

Navy Stripes

F I N A L L Y! I finished the quilt top on this one.
It took me a while because I'm not too crazy about the fabric. I had to force myself to finish it.

I'm also going to quilt this on my machine, I'll do straight line quilting. I decided to use the basting spray and since the quilt was pretty big I didn't want to be stepping on it  to smooth out the middle so I grabbed my painting stick and a clean paint sponge to smooth it out, I have to say it was a great idea.

And even though I used the basting spray I still felt like I need to pin a little, so I did a
little not alot.

And have you ever basted a quilt on the carpet and when you go to pick it up it's stuck to the carpet?  Well by using the basting spray it made it so easy to pin because the back fabric is actually sticking to the batting instead of grasping the carpet. look how smooth the back is when i folded it over.  I guess the real test will be after I quilt it. We will see if the spray is worth it.


  1. I used the basting spray once and it was a nightmare. I don't recall what happened~it's been many years. But i'm glad you had a better experience than me. lol.
    I love that quilt!

  2. so clever to use that paint roller


Thanks for your comment!

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