Sunday, October 3, 2010

My ORGANIZED sewing room.

It was a bit overwhelming at first. Right here it looks like my cabinet threw up!

But then I took a trip to ikea and got some good deals! I installed this red plastic bin to the door of my cabinet...pretty cool huh? I didn't want any wasted space in this thing. Oh and these red bins came in a set of 5 with the hanging hardware for $5bucks! not too bad.

Then Bed Bath and Beyond had these stacking bins on sale for $4.99. I just need to put some
 cute labels on them.

Then I got this rail from IkEA for $1.99 and the clips came in a package for .99cents!
What a great deal huh?

And I love these bins...just not sure what I'm going to put in them.
Each bucket is .99cents at ikea and they can even hang in a drawer or they have the option of hanging directly on the wall.

And I just have to show you how much I love this set up. This portion pulls out (for a keyboard) so I have a mini iron board set up. Then where the pens are suppose to be I have all my sewing tools like my seam ripper, scissors, rulers, etc.  How convenient huh? I think it's even better than a sewing table.  (although I've never even checked out the specifics of a sewing table so I really don't know)

And then I finally hung up a quilt. Can you believe of all the quilts I have finished I never displayed one of 'em?  I actually want to make a couple mini ones as well. (I actually have one in the works right now)  But anywho...this is what I have been doing all weekend.


  1. This looks great! I know you feel much better having everything in it's place!

  2. doesn't it feel so good to get organized!!! this is awesome. i love ikea and they make it so easy and fun to get things together.


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