Wednesday, October 5, 2011

granny square scarf

I wish I could come up with creative names for my projects....I'll have to give this one some thought..
It kinda reminds me of bubbleyum gum! so this is my bubbleyum scarf! A bunch of girls at work were putting together granny squares then attaching them to make a scarf. They are so cute so I had to make one!
I didn't have a scarf pattern but I had a granny square pattern from my "complete guide to needlework" book then attached them together with a single crochet stich

They go by so fast! I did three rows and I crochet 2 strands of yarn at once.  It's just hard for me to get a good picture...I'm not good at taking pix of my self so Zuko was willing to help me.
He's not happy! haha, maybe because its a girly scarf?

"Okay, thats enough" he says!
So I will have to settle with a crappy grainy photo!  
And here is the owner of the scarf, my beautiful niece, it was her birthday, doesn't it look just beautiful on her?

Thanks for Looking! and if you like crocheting keep coming back! I'm in the mood to crochet...check back for my next finished project...I just bought a pattern to make this....
not the baby but the hat! (i wish I could make the baby too)   I will be working on this precious owl hat. I'm so excited to get it done and share with all of you!  
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  1. I just commented over at the Flower Bed but wanted to come over and have a look at your blog! Your niece is adorable and, you're right, that scarf looks great on her! The owl hat...oh, you'll have so much fun with that! I made one this past summer...I loved putting on the eyes and giving it such character! I don't have a baby to put it on, but am hoping that my daughter's friends who are already married might have children soon so I can gift it to one of them! Can't wait to see what you do with your pattern! Annette

  2. Lovely scarf. Awwww....and your little niece is very pretty. Cute puppy too!

  3. I've seen a lot of the granny scarves lately. Wonderful way to use up leftover yarn. Yours turned out great. And that owl hat is gonna be absolutely adorable. Happy day to you. Tammy


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