Sunday, February 6, 2011

i love accessories!

And I love this necklace! I was browsing on Tatertotsandjello  and found this tutorial.

And I could not wait to get started...

Then of course like always I got side tracked.
I was at Target and they had these turtlenecks for $6 and since revamping your clothes is such a hit in blogland I decided to join in.
I don't care too much for turtlenecks so right away I new I would cut off the neck and make fabric flowers for embelishment.
I was so excited to get started that I didn't get to show you a before pix.

Here are the can't see it here but I attached little pearl beads in the middle

And then I just attached them to the shirt...pretty cool huh? When spring time comes
I'm going to cut off some of the sleave and gather it so I will be a cute spring shirt. I'll repost when I do that too.

Anywho...back to working on the necklace...

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  1. oh how adorable. cannot wait to see it with the sleeves cut off for summer~ fabulous job.


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