Friday, February 18, 2011

Tea Towels for Easter

Arent they a cute couple!

I just did a blanket stitch around the applique. It was so much fun to do. I'm getting really good at applique stitching on my machine. It took alot of practice for me but now I think I got it down! Which is good because I just purchased the cutest applique book...

I cannot wait to get started on this! You can make all the patterns into tea towels, pillows etc. And what had me sold was at the back of the book it has the complete alphabet in applique and numbers too!


  1. You tea towels are adorable! I like the looks of your project book, too...


  2. I love these towels!! Your work is incredible!! And, yes, this is the same book I just bought--it was the alphabets that got me, too! ;) Now I better get busy, right?!

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