Friday, January 28, 2011


I bought this new book at our local quilt shop and it has great projects in it! I love how they use linen to do the stitchery in.
So I just whipped this up really quick to put on my desk at work.

I also wanted to try a different technique where they did stitchery on black wool with white floss or really dark fabric so the instructions say to trace the pattern on tissue paper, put it over the fabric and stitch it but that did not work at all. as soon as I put the needle thru it ripped the tissue paper. So any ideas? How do you transfer the pattern to dark fabrics?


  1. I thought years ago I used to use a white pencil for dark fabric transfers~I'd call Joann's and find out if they sell those still.

  2. Thank you for sharing your stitching! I'm just branching out into embroidery (used to do cross stitching before quilting) and I'd love to find the book you share. Amazon, here I come :)


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