Sunday, January 16, 2011

not so perfect quilt

so I was working on the finishing steps of my simply pure quilt...
and you can see how great the binding turned out...

I love when the corners turn out perfect (only us quilters would notice that)

So it's beginning to look like a pretty good quilt right? Everything seems to be going my way...
then look....
I will never sew horizontal lines again! but the only reason why i quilted it that way is because my piecing went that ways so I used it as a quide...WRONG thing to do...the fabric just stretch and there was no way I could fix it. The new name for this quilt is "The Wave"

I made this quilt for my friend and it was for her baby all this wavyness was going on the morning of her shower...I first way am I going to give it to her, then it occured to me that I would be wasting all the fabric and I'm never going to find another baby named Bronco so I focused on the positive... she would probably love the fact that it said "Bronco" on it...and...she is not a quilter! Maybe she would think the wavyness was a special technique? hahaha. so I gave it to her and everyone loved it. No one noticed the waves! They all just thought it was amazing that I made a quilt!  Oh and that night she went into labor and the next morning Bronco was born!  So it turned out to be such a happy ending.


  1. That is absolutely beautiful! Wash it a couple of times and the wave will ease away, don't you think? Besides, like you said about the corners, only other quilters would really notice, don't you think? Your friend will be thrilled to have something with her baby's name on it! Excellent job!!

  2. The wave will definitely ease after a few washings, and if nothing else, it indicates that the gift is meant to be *used*, not just hung on a wall.

  3. this is so cute and perfect for a little one.we always see the faults in our quilts that nobody else ever is beautiful


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