Tuesday, December 8, 2020

The Bachelorette Fans!

Do we have any Bachelorette fans here? Who is on Team Noah? 

And for the record, his mustache didn't bother me one bit. But I also thought it was super sweet that he shaved it for Tayshia. I also don't understand why the guys were so mad when he jumped over the fence to fight for Tayshia's love! He stepped up!     Also...not impressed at all by Bennett, arrogant, condescending...please send him home!  I have not watched tonights episode...I'm sure once I'm done with this post we will all know who she sent home... 

ANYWAY... I’m a big fan and I am all about team Noah! He is a travel nurse and what a coincidence ...I make hats for travel nurses!!
Noah if you hear me out there then send my your address. I would love to send you a scrub hat!
I also have more in my shop at www.simplydelilah.etsy.com
Thank you Bachelorette nation 2020

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