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Start Sewing Now

Were you gifted a sewing machine for Christmas? Or did you just pull it out of your storage room? This tutorial is made for you..the beginner sewer!  I have listed out the essentials to jump start your sewing journey.

I put together a tutorial you will find helpful if you are just entering the world of sewing!

We will be talking about the absolute basics of your sewing machine. We will keep it simple! These are the key steps you need to start sewing. I made this tutorial to help get started on  your sewing journey!  I hope you find this tutorial helpful..don't be scared...just click on the link now if you're ready. .  

The video will show you the following: 

Inserting the bobbin,

Threading machine

Straight stitch

Stitch length

Stitch width

Seem allowance

Back stitch

Zig Zag Stitch

I’ll also explain the right and wrong side sides of fabric and raw edges. At then end of this video you will know how to complete a sewing project using a straight stitch.

I hope you enjoy this quick guide on how to use your sewing machine. 

I would love to be part of your sewing journey, follow me on Instagram @simplydelilah1 

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