Thursday, December 24, 2020

Mask Tutorial using hair ties

 As 2020 comes to an end I decided I better put my mask pattern out there...its like showing the world that yes...I am a sewist and I am a mask maker of 2020!

The pattern I have been using for the past  9 months comes from  Craft Passion   I just use the basic shape of the mask...very simple, no filter and no wire. I also use hair ties instead of elastic...If you sew as well then you can remember how there was a shortage in elastic?  No one had elastic...even Amazon sold out of elastic!    (oh and for some reason no toilet paper either....not sure what people were doing with the excess amount of toilet paper..)     

 So because of the lack of elastic I came up with an alternative and I think it works better than elastic. Its more comfortable and easy to install in the mask.


These hair ties are $1 for 100 at all a dollar and yes they hold up! I have been using them and washing them and they have not deteriorated. I also make sure to wash all my fabrics first before making the masks.

 Even though most stores make and sell them now I still get requests… And I know mine are more expensive than the store-bought ones but I don’t know… People just love handmade items.

Skills you will learn:
sewing on a curve
attaching elastic
sewing a pleat
top stitching

here is a link to my tutorial

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