Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Cute Skirt...

I love this skirt! I bought the simplicity pattern the other day and could not wait to try it out...
The pattern was 99 cents. and the skirt has pockets too! I bought the fabric from fabric.com for $2.95 yd and I used about 1.5yds.  So a skirt for about $4.50  Not too bad when this store in the mall is selling similar skirts to this for $29.
The only problem I had was the band at the top. it calls for a thick band...which would make it super cute....i just don't know how to insert a zipper, I'm sure I can figure it out but I just wanted to get it done fast so I just attached elastic to the top. no one will see the top anyway..I won't wear the shirt tucked in. Maybe later on this week I will have my daughter take my picture in it. It is cuter on.


  1. What number simplicity pattern is it? I'd like to make one myself. When you find a good pattern you stick to it.

  2. Cute! Love the fabric! I wish international shipping weren't so prohibitive for me...so many American retailers have such great deals!


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