Sunday, November 28, 2010

Secret Santa Swap

I know I showed my Snowman already but what I didn't tell you is that I have to give it away...
Yess, I made it for the Secret Santa Swap! In a couple days I have to pack it up and ship it out.
But if it puts a smile on my swap partners face then its worth it!

I attached tabs on the back so it can be hung with just a little nail. (i don't know why one tab looks smaller, I promise it's just the picture angle)

Usually I hand stitch the back of the binding but this time I did it by machine and my experience is finally paying off! It looks like I did it by hand! Tons of pinning is key.
Thanks for looking! If you jump over to  CottonCharmquilts you can visit other blogs that participated in the swap.


  1. Oh me me me....I hope I am your secret santa...I LOVE LOVE LOVE it...thanks for sharing and great job on the machine binding..I am too chicken to try it but yours looks great..blessings

  2. Oh I love your snowman. haven't tried yet to machine binding but it is on my to do list!!!

  3. I LOVE this wall-hanging! Hope it is coming my way...LOL! I hope you have the time to make one for yourself.

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  5. Pick me! I hope it's coming my way. Absolutely beautiful

  6. This is one of the cutest wall hangings I have seen. I'm sure your swap partner will love it.

  7. I hope I'm your partner! I love snowmen! This is very cute!

  8. That is adorable! I hope I am the lucky one. Merry Christmas to all! Hugs

  9. What a beautiful gift.. If it does not put a smile on your partner's lips it is probably because she had a visit to the dentist or something. I love it! I hope you enjoyed taking part in the Secret santa Swap. Merry Christmas.


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